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Happy Accidents is the long awaited debut album from genre-spanning London lyricist, freestyle funnyman, and singer/songwriter Klumzy Tung. A richly authentic collection of ten songs, produced by Mr.Dero, released over one year on independent label Tiefparterre, each single is accompanied by a video, remix and fan-designed cover.
Shoot you to the Ground (8/10)

It's different from anything I've put out previously...

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Don’t Get Me Down (7 of 10)

The seventh release from Klumzy Tung's 'Happy Accidents' album.

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Anti-de-Presents (6 of 10)

Ho ho bloody ho! Anti-de-Presents (Happy Accidents/6 of 10)

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Beardyman RMX

'Easy for the Wiseman (3/10)' is from the album 'Happy ...

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Soon Gone (5 of 10)

Let it happen, let it happen ... we don't make mistakes, as you know.

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Mr.Dero Remix

Remix of Counting Sheep taken from Happy Accidents album.

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Fall on your Sword (4 of 10)

Really he don't wanna he don't wanna but he's gotta for his own honour there's no honour

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Easy for the Wiseman (3 of 10)

She said so what's changed I said well I've changed what you stopped pissin it up playing the clown you figured it out you're making the

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Counting Sheep (2 of 10)

Should be at sleep trouble with the counting sheep but they're out on street making up the numbers not quite accountancy more like I'll count and see

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Loyal Tea (1 of 10)

Lyrics Alright. I’m sitting at my table and I’m wondering who’s gonna knock knock knock it back I heard the hate is rising with

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